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A.I. — It’s About Amplification, Not Replacement

A.I. — It’s About Amplification, Not Replacement

For the past couple of decades, the mainstream media has made it a point to turn artificial intelligence (A.I.) into the bad guys. Routinely portraying A.I. as something eager to push humans out of the picture.

But I believe the media has it backwards.

To state it plainly, A.I. is not replacement for human beings — it’s augmentation for humans.

It’s a Partnership

A.I. is a tool that enhances human intelligence.

For example: You teach A.I. to think like an marketer, and A.I. teaches you to think like a thousand marketers.

Because of A.I., you’re now able to ask more interesting questions — simply because you have access to more answers. Which gives you the power to make smarter decisions, because you’re learning more and more every time you make a decision.

Amplify Your Staff

I like to think about A.I. as an amplification tool: 1 human + A.I. = 100 workers.

What would your business be like if A.I. could empower each of your staff to do the work of 100? Even just 10?

That raises some really empowering questions…yes?

  • How can one product sell itself to 100 more customers?
  • How can one support representative serve 100 more customer interactions?
  • How can one marketer engage 100 more prospects?
  • How can one sales person close 100 more deals?

Let’s take a look at an example…


In this video of a concept autonomous tractor, you can quickly see how one farmer can do the work of dozens of employees just by managing his fleet of autonomous machinery.

Christopher Mohritz

Christopher Mohritz

Chris is the Founder and Managing Director of 10x Effect.