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A.I. Makes Your Business More Human

A.I. Makes Your Business More Human

It’s time for business to embrace its relationship with artificial intelligence (A.I.).

Takeaway:  Today, machines are not just out producing us, they’re starting to out think us.
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And this transition is creating a sense of unmooring in business.

A New Paradigm

A.I. is causing a shift in economic advantage, a shift towards behavior — how we do what we do, how we relate to others, how we collaborate, and how we harness human potential. It’s shifting not to how many relationships we have, but to deep loyal relationships.

In a world where business and society have fused, it’s shifting how you make a difference in the world.

In many ways we’ve gone from the industrial age where we hired brawn — hands; to the knowledge economy where we hired cognitively — heads; to the human economy where we’re hiring hearts.

And now business has to embrace the imperative of putting the heart — the one thing a machine does not have — at the center.

Machines might out-think us, but they’re not going to out-feel us.

But how do we put the heart at the center of organizations and recapture the heart of consumers?

And the answer to that question is yielding a deeply optimistic future for business.

The Human Operating System

Business exists to do things at scale. To scale something you have to create a system — think E.R.P., H.R.I.S., T.Q.M., Kaizen, Six Sigma, C.S., C.R.M.

Business has done a marvelous job at systematizing some aspect of itself so it could do that something at global scale.

Now we need to embrace the final frontier, to systematize the forces that bear on behavior.

Because right now a manager might say to a coworker: “I trust you to innovate“ only to find out that coworker needs to get four signatures to spend $12 to innovate.

Or an IT manager tells their team to post a notice on Facebook if they’re attacked, only to find out that the compliance department enforces a social media policy blocking any posts to Facebook.

Today, the governance and culture leadership in most organizations still operate from the industrial age. But now it’s time to create a more human operating system.

An operating system that puts values and purpose at the core — and scales values-based governance in culture. With leadership that moves from carrots and sticks to an inspirational philosophy that truly elevates human behavior.

To sum it up, A.I. shifts the imperative of business towards creating a human-centered operating system.

Christopher Mohritz

Christopher Mohritz

Chris is the Founder and Managing Director of 10x Effect.